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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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is closed and thank you mr. brook for mentioning all of the advocates involved over the years. if you look at what happened over the years the advocacy was really instrumental and making it clear there is interest in this, and i think in all of us share the concern that making sure that the people who participate in the program are people that want to be in it, and you know along the lines of what commissioner avalos was saying that we also need to take advantage of some of the publicity that has gotten to begin the process of letting people who are interested and let us know they're interested. i certainly is one that is interested of being a customer of this program. i heard that indirectly that supervisor elsbernd told the chamber of commerce he might be interested in being a customer as well, so i think there are a number of people that want to add themselves to that list, but we
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do take the concerns that were raised very, very seriously, so colleagues do we have any other comments, questions? seeing none why don't we move on to the next item, item four. >> item number four a resolution of accommodations first for ed harrington general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission and michael campbell and director for the san francisco public utilities commission. >> well, thank you very much and we have two resolutions of accommodation to two very important individuals and ed harrington being the first one and so much has been said about ed harrington that i don't know if we need to add to all the numerous things that have rightly said about him. i doubt
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that ed harrington is watching the lafco meeting. i am sure one of the benefits that he was looking forward to when he retired he no longer had to come to these meetings accident but in the event he is watching. >> >> we want to thank ed harrington for his work and we have a resolution before the commission honoring him. the second item and just as important is to honor mike campbell who has taken time i think he might be technically on vacation or personal time, so i apologize. it is not our intent to honor you by forcing you to take personal time to actually come to a lafco meeting, but mike campbell resolution is one that i think really is critical because of the very important role that he has played in his role, so let me just for the
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benefit of not only my colleagues but those that are watching just say a little bit about what is included in the resolution. mike campbell began his work at the san francisco public utilities commission in 2008 and from 2008 through 2012 he served as the community choice aggregation director for the power department. during the tenure at the san francisco puc mr. campbell used his experience in the energy generation field to guide community choice aggregation to the creation of the clean power sf program and for those who have been working on this for so many years they know that -- i think all of us recognize that taking that job was a very courageous ookt on the part of mr. campbell. he crafted
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several proposals to ensure that the program had technical assistance and service provider in order to launch. he lead the negotiating team to acquire contracts for energy supply as well as back office services, critical launching to the program. he lead countless meetings between the puc and community advocates and the commission and reflected not only what we needed to see as a city agency and address the needs and concerns outlined by the advocates. mr. campbell's monthly updates to this body were instrumental in letting us know what was happening and we especially appreciate the fact that he always took the feedback into consideration and we wouldn't be here without his ability to do that. mr. campbell's commitment to clean power sf ensured a viable
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program that met all of the requirements set forth by the city, and so the resolution reads that be it resolve that the san francisco local agency commission hereby congratulates mike campbell and his years of service to the people of san francisco and exprelseses its deepest gratitude for dedication and knowledgeable and forward thinking way to create a program that moves the city and county san francisco environmental goals forward. mr. campbell it is our honor to again acknowledge your work and we thank you and we know that there is hope for the california public utilities commission because you will be starting there very shortly and that is a very good thing for them, and our hope is that you will do for the people of the entire state of california what you have helped to do here in san
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francisco, so before i turn it over to you, or we take public comment, i want to let me colleagues give an opportunity to comment. commissioner schmeltzer. >> thank you. i would like to add to that excellently written and read resolution, which really covers so much of what mike campbell has done here over the years he's been here. i first worked with him when he was at the california puc before he went to the san francisco puc back during the energy crisis where he tirelessly worked on renewable energy and energy efficiency and all of the other things that the state was trying to do to deal with the energy crisis, and i couldn't have been more pleased when he came to the san francisco puc and added his
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expertise and i am noticing what i hope is not a trend of people that we are honoring that just left the city, so i would like to see no more key people involved in this leave because i think we're at such an important stage and everybody is doing such a great job, but might be we're sorry to see you go. you have done wonderful work here. the california puc is lucky to get you back, and thank you very much for your hard work here. >> well said commissioner. commissioner avalos. >> just to add a little bit to what's already been said and i just want to thank you for your tremendous patience through the years and the process. i know there were a lot of false starts we had over the recent years i have been involved and also
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just weighing all input from various sources. that was a big part of the your job and we got to a great place because of that and your listening abilities are critical to this work and i want to congratulate you and wish you all the best in your new role. >> thank you commissioner and i don't know if folks from the lafco or the puc would like to add to anything what has been said about mr. campbell. >> well, i would definitely like to say something and thank you mike for all the years of the hard service. you brought in the best team and my distinct memory of you and the monthly updates and when you first prepared your model with your team and the model -- i mean he's a true -- i don't want to say nerd in a bad way. i want to say nerd in a good way and truly a scientist and a numbers guy and there was so much depth in the work that you did and
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making sure we were using right numbers, lots of things i didn't understand and logarithms and things like that so your expertise, your commitment to the program, your loyalty to turn the technical data into a very good public presentation all to your credit and thank you and we're really going to miss you. >> ms. hale do you want to go first and then mr. fried. >> thank you. we at the puc had an opportunity to thank mike privately and i welcome the opportunity to thank him in a public setting as well commissioners and in the interest of brevity i want to add one more thing to all of the complements offered and observations in mike's approach and that is to say he did all of that with a great sense of humor and that really helped get through the years and the difficulties, so i want to say
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lend my thoughts to those you heard mike and wish you the best. thank you. >> thank you. mr. fried. >> yeah, i also want to add i the opportunity to thank mike for the work and once again it was privately and not here. i learned from mike -- and every time i came to a ""why can't we do it" and he was explain to explain how it worked and i appreciate it and i learnedda a lot from mike. we heard from him monthly. i had a weekly meeting with him and a chance to talk to him and those ended and now i have a hole in my monday schedule where i would sit down and talk to mike for some time and he's going to the state and we have questions with him so i the might call himma a regular
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basis and i look forward to good work at the state and i know he did great work for us in the city. >> thank you very much. before we turn it over to you mr. campbell i would like to give an opportunity for members of the public that would like to speak on this item, both items regarding mr. harrington and mr. campbell. >> good afternoon again commissioners. eric brooks representing san francisco green party and the local grass-roots organization our city. i think it's all been said about general manager harrington. he knows we love him and i will just get to mike campbell and going to the three over there in the staff positions also and barbara, nancy and jason. i think one thing that none of you would commend mike for but we can as advocates is for mike and all these folks is because of the
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deep passion that all of the advocates have for the issue and getting it right mike and the others have been put through what can only be described as an extremely grueling process of dealing with all of our complaints and disagreements, and as you can see on the 18th we came out of this with something that everybody could live with and that is moving us forward, and mr. campbell is to be commended for going through that only what can be described as a meat grinder to get to this point and anyone that is willing to put up for that for several years deserves comond aigdz and on that note we're not done with and you you're now doing rate payer stuff and it's predictable pg&e will play games with rates like they did in marin and we
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will likely need your assistance and will be calling on it and we talk about the local process but they were key going to the state and keep fighting for the ability to move the program forward the right way so we are not under minded by games by pg&e and even though it's been a painful ride it may still and all four of you are to be commended and especially you mike. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. seeing no other comment public comment is closed. before we turn it over to mr. campbell i would like to see if we can take this -- do we need a roll call or just a motion? >> mr. chair you have to accept the amendment. >> okay. we have an amendment by commissioners schmeltzer. seconded by commissioner olague. can we take that without
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objection? and on the two resolutions motion by commissioner schmeltzer, seconded by commissioner olague. if we can take them without objection? so on behalf of lafco let me just -- if i can mr. campbell to please come forward mr. campbell i am here joined by the lafco commissioners and again the solution commending mike campbell director of the san francisco public utilities commission community choice aggregation program for years
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of distinguished service to the city and county of san francisco on behalf of the local agency information commission to mr. campbell. [applause] >> thank you. >> it's all yours. >> okay. [applause] >> thank you all. i usually have my binder and some notes and things i thought about, and what the heck are the next steps and what have we checked off? first of all thank you very much. i do appreciate it. it has been a big learning experience for the last four !y
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years for me. i am looking forward to the next role i have. i am looking forward to seeing where caa goes and maybe i will move to san francisco so i can actually enroll. i want to highlight a few names i didn't hear. i had the opportunity to work with some great folks and included the first person that was assigned to work with me annette price who has been by assistant and great throughout. my first hire i was able to have. katherine gillic, mr. small and i would be remiss not to mention amealal and sherral tailor and todd who is the assistant general manager of sfpuc and getting to where we
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are is really a strong effort on everyone's behalf as well -- like i said the folks named already barbara lafco and i appreciate the recognition and i look forward to seeing where the program goes. thanks. >> thank you very much mr. campbell. congratulations to you. [applause] colleagues again congratulations and thanks to both mr. harrington and mr. campbell and now if you can call item five. >> item five is execute -- executive director report. >> jason is going to talk. >> the san francisco lafco has been approached by other bay area lafcos to be the host city for upcoming staff workshop. every year the
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association rotates around through the different regions and do the staff and commissioners workshop. in april 2014 the coastal region which is the one san francisco is in is host to do the staff workshop and the other bay area lafcos asked if we can host the conference and he day and usually in april. dates are to be determined and i am giving information about it and seeing if this body would be interested in accepting the host. in discussion with the other lafcos they recognize they will join in and normally they put it on and to put it together. in this case several of the groups will get together. generally they get 75 to a hundred staff to come in as part of the conversation. san
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francisco ourselves we are responsible for making sure we have meeting space, personally given the size and the conference we could probably host it within city hall and not go outside to rent space. there is no cost to the host lafco and done through the state association that charges a fee to attend the conferences so there is no cost for our lafco other than staff time to do the work that maybe needed and i wanted to present that today and see if there are questions that folks have. >> thank you. when this issue was brought to my attention i asked for a brief report to the commission so to get a sense of where commissioners are. from my perspective i think it's good for us to continue to have a good relationship with other lafcos and to the extent we can help with this effort i am certainly open to it and especially if there is no
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financial cost to the agency and to the extent we can have any number of people and 100 people coming to san francisco and spend money in the city that's always a good thing, but we wanted to make sure commissioners are aware and if there are concerns or issues with that that you had an opportunity to comment on that. mr. fried it seems -- we will turn it over to public comment -- oh commissioner schmeltzer. >> i was just going to agree on you with all of the points and gives us the opportunity to help that recent achievement. that also i think is a good thing and to learn from the other lafcos as well. >> thank you very much. why don't we open it up for public comment. anyone wish to speak on the executive director's report? seeing none. public comment is closed. i think we have the direction on that
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item. madam clerk please call item six. >> item six is public comment. >> anyone wish to speak on any other items. >> good afternoon one last time. today eric brooks representing san francisco green party and the local grass-roots organization "our city". i wanted to touch again now that we're getting there with community choice it's time to dig into, as we did several years ago, broadband and fiber optics for the city, but more importantly i want to bring something up i regularly haven't brought up, but recently is a big issue and that is both the treasure island board and by extension of what is happening there and other issues, the redevelopment board, both of
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are quasi department agencies and people are concerned with these agencies and what happens with the navy in treasure island and the redevelopment successor agency has jurisdiction, and i think it's really crucial that -- i think supervisors that are on the lafco know that last week a lot of the public raised some serious concerns about public process on things like treasure island and the redevelopment successor agency, and my guess is if the lafco is willing to do it we will need lafco to take a part in this and do independent auditing or studies or something to make sure that these crucial projects with their potential damaging consequences if they're not done properly are over seen by a more independent body like lafco and lafco has shown in many cases in the past whether it's
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waste management or voting or the internet or things like that and having that outside perspective from this body is really important and more independent perspective so i urge you to work on both sun shining, getting on television, the treasure island board and this successor agency for redevelopment so the public is able to get more involved with those agencies and what they're doing and this whole process ireration and toxins in these areas. thanks. >> thank you. seeing no more public comment. public comment is closed. can you please call item seven. >> item seven is future agenda items. >> colleague any agenda items for future consideration? any member of the public wish to speak? i think the speaker spoke towards this already. >> chair. >> sorry when you're done with public comment.
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>> public comment is closed. >> we have a future agenda item and it's happening today and it's your birthday and i wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays today. >> thank you very much mr. fried and thank you very much. no singing i don't think. if we can please call item number eight. >> item number eight is adjournment. >> thank you very much. meeting adjourned and congratulations to mr. campbell and have a wonderful weekend.
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i'm robert chief and i'm the park's supervisor in the parks in the sunset district. i've been working here for 3 years. we are 60-70 street below street level. the 64 acre park. the park is divided into 2 sections we are in the stern area. when you get over to pine lake meadow and pine lake, pine lake is considered a natural area. in 1847, the green family came out here, back then this was kind of an empty canyon and sand dun area. they claimed this property. in 1892. george green who's a second generation built the truckdaro club house.
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there was a hotel then. it was said this was the place to go if you were weary of the dirty city and the police. there were a couple of gun fights the front door has bullet holes. i don't ever repair them. 1931 stig mond bought the property from the green family. she donated it to the city of san francisco and had a specification, i'm giving it to the city that will be used forever for the enjoyment forever of the people of the city of san francisco. it has ever since. every summer the stern grove association in san francisco rec and parks put on 10 free concerts. usually people come out at 10 in the morning it's a family affair. everybody is on the lawn with picnics and it's free. anybody can come out.
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it's a great way to spend a sunday. >> goes to 1-2 in the afternoon and runs until 5. [music]. thanks to the stern grove association they renovated the concert meadow. it used to be a rolling grafsy area. put in a new stage and stage building. they put in terraces. we get from 8,000 to 12,000 people. and the meadow next to the concert meadow is full of people even though they can't see the music they hear it. i walked into the meadow several times and they don't even care. we do have literally events going on day and night. the concert association has kids days during the week. the performers come out for
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hundred 200 kids. now, the truckadero truck house gets rented out for weddings and retirement. the croquet clubs and horse shoes. 2 play grounds, tennis courts. we have from 25 to a hundred dogs here. it's like bisons going across the mid west. there are so many dogs they are covering the ground cht it's a get together. all the dog walkers know each other. if you go to pine lake day camp now, you will see 50 kids there. the r directors are wonder.
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>> the pine lake is natural. they take of the area around the lake. they plant natives that are drought tolerant. one that stands the dry summers here. the whole park is under going quite a bit of reconstruction. they will renovate the trails around the lake. and the big project is the capital project for pine lake meadow. they are going to returf the dog run and the meadow by the day camp. we are looking for a very busy fall. by the spring of next year should have major renovations to the mark thal make it an outstanding park. i don't ever refer to it as my park. all the parks belong to all the people. this park belongs just as much


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